*Groceries Distribution and Help for Medicines*

*Groceries Distribution and Help for Medicines*Donors :

*Smt Subbalakshni and Sri T Ramamohan Rao Gaaru* Donated 1 Grocery Kit On their *Grandson Chi Karan’ s Birthday*

Donors: *Smt Lalitha and Sri Srinivas Rao Tangirala Gaaru* Donated 1 Grocery Kit on Their Daughter *Padmaja w/o Rajesh* (USA) Birthday.

The above 2 Kits Distributed at Borabanda and Sree Ramnagar Hyderabad.

Groceries , Used Fan Chair and Rs.1500 for Medicines Given To Narsamma Gaaru at Srinivas Nagar, Hyderabad

*Donor: Rajeswari Gaaru (Fan and Chair)

*Groceries and Rs.1500 for Medicines Given to Vajramma Gaaru at Jagadgirigutta.

Donor: *Chandrakala Gaaru*

🙏Thank you so much all the Donors for your contributions to above services.

We wish A Very Happy Birthday and Many many Happy Returns of the Day to *Karan* and *Padmaja Gaaru*

*May God Bless you all always and continue your support for good works.*