With the support and contribution from
*AMB Center, Jubileehills Hyderabad* Help to Below families

1. Monthly Groceries Donated to Narasamma Yadagiri Gaaru at Sriram Nagar Hyderabad.

2. Rs.2000 Donated to Raju gaaru for her grandmother health treatment at Rajeev Gruh Kalpa, Allwyn Colony, Hyderabad.

3. Monthly Groceries Donated to Gouri gaaru at Dammayeeguda Hyderabad.

4. Rs.2000 Donated to Vajramma Gaaru for monthly rent purpose at Jagadgirigutta, Hyderabad.

*Sri.Kanthaiah Gaaru* Donated one day meals to Prerana Children, Chintal, Hyderabad.

Thank you so much
*AMB Center, Jubilee Hills Managing Team*, *Sri.Kanthaiah Gaaru* and all other donors for your donations to above services.