*Drawing Competition – 2021*

*Drawing Competition – 2021*
Drawing Competition Conducted at Govt Primary school, Chandapur Village, Sadasivpet Mandal, Sangareddy Dist on *Children’s Day* By Our Trust Members
*Sri.Pamballa Srinivas*
*Sri.Paladugu Nagaraju*

*65 Students* attended from Below Seven Schools in this Competition.

1.Siddapur Colony 2.Tangedapally 3.Suraram 4.Rejinthal 5.Atmakurgouni 6.Yenkepally 7.Chandapur

1st, 2nd, 3rd And 8 Runner’s Prize given to the winners. (11 Students).
🙏 Thank you so much *Sri.Sampath Kumar Gaaru*, *Miskeen Bike Servicing Point*, *Rakesh & Bro Jewellery Shop*
*Pamballa Srinivas*
*Paladugu Nagaraju*
*P.Ananth Raju*, *Sangameshwar Gaaru* *Ravi Gaaru* and *Rizwan Footwear* for Your contributions to above program.