*Monthly Groceries Distributions*

*Monthly Groceries Distributions*

*Sri.Sachin Srivatsava Gaaru* Contributed monthly Groceries to Below 7 Families.

1. Renuka (Dialysis Patient) – Nagole.

2. Ganesh – (Dialysis Patient) – Bora banda.

3. Narsamma – (Senior Citizen) – Srinivas Nagar.

4. Senior Citizen – Kukatpally.

5. Poor Brahmin Family – Allwyn Colony.

6. Narayana Das – (Patient) Rajeev Gruha Kalpa.

7. Madhu Babu – (Patient) Allwyn Colony.

🙏 Thank you so much *Sri.Sachin Srivatsava Gaaru* for your donations and participation in the above service. *May God Bless you and your family*Thank You