Our Duties And Responsibilities

The trust have a set of duties and responsibilities towards people that it is been following since the trust came into existence. Below is the list of them.

  1. Helping people who are
    a) Unconscious b) Differently abled (by accident) (spending money for their treatment and try to solve their financial problems).
  2. Under “Save Environment” movement, Planting and distribution of several plants.
  3. “Farmer is the backbone of country”. Conducting awareness programs for farmers on latest technology and new equipment to cultivate.
  4. Conducting programs such as “Save Orphans”, “Help Senior Citizens” and “fulfill the necessary needs of differently abled people”.
  5. Organizing events for the development of economically backward students.
  6. Try to solve problems of economically backward people that they are facing nearby their surroundings.
  7. Collecting unwanted items (such as furniture’s, laptops, PCs, fans etc.) from donors and then doing necessary repair work (if needed) and utilizing them in a proper manner, or donating them to government schools.
  8. Conducting awareness programs on our heritage and Culture.
  9. Identifying economically backward students from rural areas who are doing well at studies and trying to provide scholarships for them.
  10. For physical and personality development of students from government schools, our trust is conducting indoor, outdoor games, singing and dancing competitions, and distributing gifts to the winners and runners ups.
  11. Helping victims of any natural disasters.
  12. Conducting surveys in villages, knowing their problems and try to resolve it.

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You can join hands with our trust and help us in serving people. You can donate money online on the address given below.

SBI ACCOUNT NO: 36488113864
BRANCH: House No 4 32 41 By 95, Allwyn Colony, Balanagar Mandal, Distt. Ranngareddy. TELANGANA- 500085.